project management

Link projects to your plans

We know that a lot of your organization’s resources go into planning and executing successful projects. That’s why we make it easy to incorporate projects into your strategic planning processes in cammsstrategy.

Easily set-up projects and define team members in your Organization Hierarchy, then map each team to associated strategies, actions and tasks in your Planning Hierarchy. Link project aims to KPIs to track and evaluate progress.

Ensure your projects align with your organization’s strategic mission, goals and objectives.

Link projects to your plans
Monitor project progress

Monitor project progress

Individual accountability is critical to ensure all project members stay focused.

cammsstrategy delivers the tools you need to manage your performance and contribute to profitable projects.

Quickly view and update your progress against all projects you’re linked to, and project elements for which you’re responsible, with cammsstrategy’s My Quick Update Page.

“While there are lots of other established computer solutions that provide performance and Risk Management functionality, CAMMS is the only one that fully integrates Project Management.”

Mark Bowler
Principal Research Officer, Conwy County Borough Council

Executive oversight

Ensure executives can effectively manage workloads and deadlines by understanding which people in their business function or service area are working on particular intra- and inter-departmental projects.

Empower your management team to track progress against the project tasks and actions assigned to their team members with cammsstrategy’s Executive Intelligence System and Executive Portal.

Always know which people are engaged in which projects with cammsstrategy.

Executive oversight

Integrate your Project, Programme and Portfolio Management

Run a lot of projects? Get serious about aligning your strategic planning and entire Project, program and Portfolio Management practices with CAMMS.

Integrate cammsstrategy with our Project Management solution, cammsproject, to fully consolidate your strategic planning and PPM processes and frameworks in one platform.

Effortlessly follow Project Management best practices with Project Management software that adheres to the ISO 21500:2012 Standard, PMBOK and APM frameworks, as well as PRINCE2 and LEAN methodologies. Manage projects the easy way with cammsproject.

Enterprise project visibility

Big projects often pull-in people from many different areas of your business. So, you need visibility over the number of projects – and amount of total effort being contributed to projects – throughout the organization.

Easily group and link actions by special initiatives – such as projects – to track and generate reports on all actions associated with each project throughout the organization

Understand where and how your portfolio of projects connects with your strategic plans, via action grouping and flexible planning framework configurations in cammsstrategy.

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