Plan and execute

Hierarchies and plans

Make your planning structures and frameworks repeatable, transparent and actionable with three hierarchy types in cammsstrategy.

Use the Planning Hierarchy to define the mission of your strategic plan, breaking it down into increasingly granular objectives – from goals, to outcomes, strategies, actions and tasks. Then, map those objectives to appropriate levels within the Organization Hierarchy – from the CEO, to the Directorate, Business Units, Service Profiles, Project Teams and individuals.

Even create Custom Hierarchies to suit, plan for and execute against your unique organizational structures, strategic objectives and cross-departmental initiatives.

Frameworks and templates

Quickly configure your strategic planning framework in cammsstrategy to suit your organizational structures and working methods.

Easily define and document your people and process – from outlining the mission and responsible persons for your organization, directorates, departments and external agencies; to setting-up and linking position profiles for all staff to business functions and working groups throughout the enterprise. And, simply import personnel records from existing systems, via LDAP or Active Directory, to get up and running fast.

Even group and link actions by related plans, priority criteria, as well as intradepartmental and interdepartmental initiatives – such as special project teams or committees.

“It is very powerful – at the press of a button,
we can produce a detailed plan and show progress against the plan.”

Frank Evans
Chief Executive Officer, Central Gippsland Health Service

Administration and security

cammsstrategy’s advanced administration and security capabilities deliver a robust and configurable platform for strategic planning and performance management.

Empower individuals to customize personal areas of the product – from adding favorite reports to selecting which actions, KPIs and tasks to highlight in their My Quick Update page. And, ensure your system administrators can configure cammsstrategy to suit your planning structures and processes – from assigning user and role-based permissions, managing data security or customizing fields and workflows, to coordinating seamless rollover from one planning period to the next.

Administration and security

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