Manage performance

Personal performance

Access all the information you need to do your job and manage your performance in one place with cammsstrategy’s My Quick Update feature.

Monitor and update performance figures or progress comments against your actions, tasks, KPIs, risks, projects and more. Add new actions and KPIs at the click of a button, and drill-down to uncover granular insights. Stay on top and on track with My Quick Update.

Want to link personal performance information in cammsstrategy to broader employee data and workplace planning? No problem. Just integrate cammsstrategy with our talent management software. Easily measure, monitor and review staff against goals, actions and tasks, ensuring performance aligns with organizational strategy. And, automatically follow HR best practices with preconfigured templates, workflows, reports and dashboards.

Personal Performance
Executive intelligence

Executive intelligence

Are you a manager? Then you’ll love our Executive Intelligence System.

View an intuitive dashboard summary of important management information related to the business unit or function for which you’re responsible.

Toggle to display data for organization, planning or custom hierarchies. Overview, actions, KPIs, budget, scorecard and risks tabs display progress against targets, benchmarks and deadlines. Harness trend icons, progress bars, date filters, traffic light and interactive KPI charts to quickly identify priorities.

Map your organizational strategy

Instantly understand the performance and overall health of any goal, outcome or strategy with an aggregated view of all relevant actions and KPIs using cammsstrategy Strategy Maps.

Immediately know if actions and KPIs linked to goals, outcomes or strategies need attention with color-coded Performance Indicators. Then, drill down through any hierarchy of your strategic plan, and filter to view the performance of selected actions and KPIs, to quickly determine which specific elements in a hierarchy are ‘on’ or ‘off’ track.

Map your organizational strategy

“CAMMS software gives us the ability to take a robust view of our integrated performance and strategic progress and the drill down functionality means that we can quickly focus on operational areas where additional support is needed.”

Wendy Farrington-Chadd
Chief Executive, Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital

Act anywhere, anytime


Always have your finger on the pulse with cammsstrategy’s native mobile apps for Android and iOS devices.

Easily record your progress through the Quick Update area, and assess performance with dashboards tailored to your needs. Understand the detail behind high level numbers, and deliver the right outcomes on time, with My Actions, My Tasks and My KPIs functions.

And, color-coded Performance Indicators let you see whether you’re on track to meet your targets and deadlines – wherever you are.

Budget Management

It’s simple: You can’t properly manage your performance if don’t manage your budget.

Directly link assigned budgets to your actions when creating your business plan in cammsstrategy. Enter details manually, and adjust according to the timeframe allocated for the associated action, or pull data from your existing systems automatically with our financial integration capabilities.

Looking to take it a step further? Seamlessly integrate cammsstrategy with our Budget Management Center solution to directly link your strategic and financial planning, monitoring and management processes.

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