Monitor and evaluate

KPIs and scorecards

Easily measure, monitor and evaluate performance with cammsstrategy.

Link KPIs to any level of your planning, organization or custom hierarchies. Effortlessly build and manage your KPIs – from defining KPI categories, type, calculation methods or targets, to assigning a timeframe, Responsible Officer and Reporting Officer. Also create roll-up, calculated and grouped KPIs as well as scorecards to assess the cumulative health of higher level goals, outcomes, strategies or business areas.

Easily track your progress against KPIs with graphs, progress bars, traffic lights, sparklines and gauges.

KPIs and scorecards
KPIs and scorecards

Personalized dashboards

Ensure you can measure, monitor an act on your individual responsibilities with ease.

My Workspace provides a high level dashboard-style overview of your performance with My Performance, My KPIs and My Actions tabs. Effortlessly add reporting widgets to the My KPIs and My Actions tabs of your dashboard to track progress towards specific targets and deadlines at-a-glance.

Never lose track of what matters to you again with Kanban Board style KPI summary charts and color-coded Performance Indicators. Understand, organize and act on your priorities with My Workspace.

“cammsstrategy has made a significant improvement to the quality and breadth of our reporting capacity. We can now capture any data we need to report against in one central repository, with senior management enjoying the benefits and reporting taking less staff time. Boroondara has won six consecutive gold awards at the Australasian Reporting Awards for our Annual Report.”

Gail Power
Finance and Corporate Planning, City of Boroondara

Insightful reporting

Follow through on your strategic plans with insightful reports that keep you and your team focused.

Out-of-the-box reports are grouped into six types: Strategic Community Planning, Corporate Business Planning, Service Delivery, Performance Management, Executive Reporting and Administration. Customize filtering options to generate the insights you need, and select the elements you want to include when exporting to XML, CSV, PDF, HTML, Word or TIFF file.

Quickly assess actions and KPIs against deadlines and predefined benchmarks. Support fast, data-driven decision-making with cammsstrategy reports.

Navigation Pad

Know the health of your whole strategic plan at-a-glance.

cammsstrategy’s Navigation Pad delivers a seamless Kanban Board style overview of your whole organization – from goals, outcomes and strategies, to actions and tasks.

Instantly see which elements of your strategic plan are ‘on’ or ‘off’ track with color-coded performance statuses. Then, drill to detail to quickly pinpoint and address any lagging elements.

More dashboard, reporting and analytics tools

Want even deeper insights across your organization? We can help. CAMMS boasts a suite of linkable Enterprise Performance Management solutions.

Integrate our Business Intelligence tool, PowerData, with cammsstrategy and connect to all your data sources. Deliver new knowledge to people throughout the enterprise with beautiful, customizable visualizations. Collecting large amounts of data? We can help set you up with CAMMS’ Enterprise Data Warehouse – a central repository for all your data, with integrations to source systems to avoid duplication.

Solve more ad-hoc reporting needs with CAMMS’ report writing tool Insights, and communicate important information with external stakeholders using our public facing dashboard software, Community Dashboard.

More dashboard, reporting and analytics toolsMore dashboard, reporting and analytics tools

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