Discussion Forum

Effective collaboration is critical for achieving any business goal or outcomes involving multiple people and business functions.

Share ideas and insights right alongside your strategic plan and associated data with cammsstrategy’s in-application Discussion Form. Discussions can be linked to a particular task or centred on a topic of your choice.

Ensure the work you and your colleagues produce delivers the right results, and aligns to your corporate strategy, with focused conversation.

Action and task comments

Action and task comments

Keep the conversation going throughout the application with the ability to comment on actions and tasks.

Discuss options and collectively find solutions to increase productivity and reach better outcomes. And, if you’re a manager, quickly view and comment on all actions or tasks assigned to people in your team or department via cammsstrategy’s Executive Portal.

Empower people across your organization to actively engage in strategic planning and execution with cammsstrategy.

Alerts and notifications

Never miss a moment again with automated alerts and notifications sent straight to your cammsstrategy inbox.

Quickly and easily set-up scheduled alerts (sent at specific times or during defined business periods), and behavioral alerts (based on data thresholds and user actions). Once trigger criteria are established, define your message content and recipients.

Always keep-up with the important conversations with cammsstrategy: automatically receive notifications for new posts made in any of your Discussion Forum Chat Groups. And, ensure accountability by keeping a chronological history of all messages sent in cammsstratagy with our email notification log.

“CAMMS’ strategy execution and performance reporting solution provides a multi-level, cross unit planning functionality, with the ability to view performance information and consolidate KPIs at any level of the planning or organizational hierarchy.”

Jim Burden
Manager Organizational Development, Launceston City Council

Document management

Document management

Sometimes you don’t have all the answers or context needed to effectively plan and act on your strategy. Attach documents and share links to other resources, or related plans, for any action or task in cammsstrategy.

Attach documents and share links to other resources or related plans for any action or task in cammsstrategy.

Forget searching for supporting materials in separate files, folders or systems. Integrate your strategic planning and document management needs in one platform, and share the information required to quickly turn strategic planning into strategic action, with cammsstrategy.

Meeting management integration

Meetings are a crucial way of sharing information and collaborating – particularly in the workplace. And, while modern tools and processes are reducing the need to hold some of them, we still rely on meetings to facilitate important discussions and decisions.

But, how do you make them productive and not a waste of time? Enter ecuria – CAMMS’ meeting management software.

Get the most out of any meeting – big or small, complex or simple. Easily and automatically set agendas and alerts, record minutes, and assign and vote on actions in one place. Couple cammsstrategy and ecuria to save time, avoid fuss and drive collaborative action.

Meeting management integration

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